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American Students Lose 51 Million of School Hours due to Poor Dental Health

Children’s National Dental Health month is just a few weeks away. And, with February just around the corner, dental clinics and dental care organisations are getting ready.
Dental care is important in both children and adults. As per studies, more than 40% of children ages 2-11 have cavities while 16-19 year olds have more than 60%. While these numbers may be lower than previous years, statistics still present an alarming number of children with poor dental hygiene. In fact, decay in pre-school children has risen in numbers.
In a recent study, it is told that American students lose 51 million hours of school due to oral and dental problems. And, those who spend more time at a dentist will likely have lower grades than those with good dental health. This is why Juliano Dental Clinic is taking part in the Children’s National Dental Health month.
There is no doubt that children will be better off with good dental hygiene habits while they are still young. This will help prevent any decay or cavity problems in the future. Sad to say, not all children have regular dental habits. This is something Dr. Juliano, a Webster NY family dentist, and his team would like to change.

Poor dental hygiene does not only cause cavities, decay or toothaches. It can also lead to mouth ulcers and even oral cancer. To help minimize the people affected by this disease, good dental habits must be enforced.

Children are often more interested in playing rather than brushing their teeth. This can cause a problem when training your child to promote overall dental care. As dental expert’s advice, educating a child on good brushing habits is a must. Let your child read literature on proper dental care at least once a week. Urge them to brush their teeth for a full two minutes, twice a day. Remind them often to brush their teeth. This way, brushing their teeth regularly will become a habit and they will grow up with lesser dental problems than children who don’t.

Another tip that dentist’s advice is to make brushing ‘fun’. Buying a colorful animal-shaped toothbrush will help. So would fruity-flavored fluoride toothpaste. There are multiple ways to engage your child into building good dental habits.

One of the issues of dental health in children, according to Dr. Juliano, is their fear of visiting a dentist. As Dr. Juliano stated, “Parents can avoid this from happening to their children by letting them go with them during their appointments. Most children expect shouting and pain when visiting the dentist. Show them that this is not the case. If possible, choose a dentist who specializes in dental services for kids. This will help them warm up to the thought of visiting their dentist.”

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