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Dr. Chris Juliano’s blog

Raising Awareness of Oral Cancer Risk

Did you know that 35,000 new cases of oral cancer are expected to be diagnosed this year? Oral cancer and Oropharyngeal cancer may develop in the cheeks, lips, gums, throat (at the rear of the mouth), tonsils, and palate. Primary risk factors for both types of oral cancer include tobacco use; excessive alcohol consumption; human Papilloma virus (HPV, the sexually transmitted disease associated with cervical cancer); accumulated sunlight exposure; as well as being male and 55 years or older. There are also indications that gum disease and poor oral hygiene associated with insufficiently cleaned dentures may play roles. Fortunately, early detection and treatment of oral cancer can significantly improve prognoses, which is another good argument for regular dental checkups. P.S. Early symptoms of oral or Oropharyngeal cancers include a neck mass, sores that bleed easily, color changes in soft tissue, unexplained lumps, and changes in how the teeth fit together

The importance of keeping dentures clean

It is important to keep dentures as clean as the teeth with which we were born. As is the case with natural teeth, dentures are susceptible to accumulating bacteria-laden plaque, which is the sticky substance that forms daily on tooth surfaces. Not only does plaque pose a health risk to gums, it has also been linked with cardiovascular problems. In addition, most people don’t associate the cleanliness of their dentures with pneumonia, but there is a potentially deadly link. Aspiration pneumonia, which is a leading cause of death among seniors, is caused by food particles and other foreign debris inhaled from unclean dentures. It is imperative that seniors and their caregivers be aware of the importance of keeping dentures clean. Proper denture care is important for both the health of your dentures and mouth. When you come to JULIANO FAMILY DENTAL, you will find our office relaxing and our staff warm and friendly – we treat our patients like family. We’re located at 1998 Empire Blvd., Webster, where we continually seek to make sure that your journey to a new smile is stress-free and comfortable. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 585.671.9580. We accept most insurance plans and help with the paperwork.
P.S. Dentures need to be removed from the mouth on daily basis, cleaned with a special brush, and stored in a cleansing solution.