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Electrical or Manual Toothbrush: Which is Better?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions! Our answer? It’s not the brush that
matters, it’s who’s doing the brushing.

Let’s break that down. The goal of tooth brushing is to remove plaque from your teeth
on a consistent (daily!) basis, so that we prevent the buildup of tartar which leads to
tooth decay. A manual toothbrush is a great and inexpensive tool that helps us do just
that. Make sure to brush two minutes per day, twice a day. Gently brush ALL surfaces
and make sure to reach those back molars.

For some people, it can be difficult to brush properly with a manual toothbrush. Those
with some form of motor disability or arthritis may benefit from using an electric
toothbrush. An electric brush can also be helpful for kids or anyone with braces.

The same tooth brushing rules apply – two times per day, two minutes at a time. One
advantage of an electric toothbrush is that some have a built-in timer. If you’re one of
those quick brushers who has a hard time making it to two minutes, consider using a
timed electric brush.

At your next dental visit, ask us whether we think you would do better with a manual or
electric brush! And, as always, don’t forget to floss!