Juliano Family Dental Custom Sports Guard

  • Made custom to your teeth and mouth
  • Lasts 3-5 times longer than “boil and bite”
  • Comfortable, ease of breath, better speech and optimal protection

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Over 5 million teeth are injured or lost each year and can incur a cost into the thousands per tooth for an athlete’s lifetime to fix and maintain. Thus, an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure. The cost of a custom sports guard is equivalent to about any other piece of sports equipment an athlete will buy such as cleats, gloves and bats, helmets, stick’s and skates etc.

Reasons why athletes will not wear a mouth guard is because it is either ill fitting, inconvenient or trouble with breathing and speaking. This can be avoided however by using a custom sports guard made specifically to the shape of their own teeth and mouth. Once you chip off a part of your tooth, it is gone forever.

Some people may opt for the lesser expensive “boil and bite’ option to try and protect their teeth. This option may be less expensive, but they are simply chunks of rubber that are bulky, ill fitting, chewed though easily, and make it difficult to breathe and speak. If a sports guard does not properly fit it can possibly do more damage than not wearing one at all. A properly fitted sports guard helps disperse the full impact across the entire oral cavity rather than just the site of impact which will greatly decrease the chance of serious injury. Also, a custom sports guard lasts 3-5 times longer than a boil and bite.

A custom mouth guard is designed to match the exact details of an athlete’s mouth. This makes for a more comfortable feel, ease of breath, better speech and optimal protection. Because of this exact fit an athlete’s teeth are now protected from potential fracture, reduced risk of tooth displacement or from even being completely knocked out. They also protect against soft tissue injury, such as biting through one’s lip or tongue, protection from possible jaw fracture and finally, yet debatable, a reduced risk of possible concussions.

Another reason why some people may not choose a custom mouth guard is that their child is in mixed dentition, a combination of baby and adult teeth. Why buy a custom fit when it’s just going to change until they are about 13 years old? At Juliano Family Dental we feel every athlete should be properly protected while they play the sport they love. This is why we have extremely discounted sports guards for just this situation.