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Webster NY Dentist Stress the Importance of Baby Teeth and Good Dental Hygiene

Many parents think that dental hygiene isn’t too important for their babies and toddlers. This is because many think that their baby teeth will fall out eventually and permanent teeth will take their place. However, according to Dr. Christopher Juliano, a Webster NY dentist, this is not the case. Baby teeth matter.

“When a baby loses his or her tooth too early, permanent teeth may drift in and make it hard for the other permanent teeth to find room. This will cause an overcrowding which makes teeth crooked.”

Dr Juliano suggests that parents start off good oral care from infantry. This will help protect your child’s teeth for decades to come.
“Just because baby teeth will eventually fall out does not mean they are not important. To make sure that your child’s teeth and mouth will be in a healthy shape, good dental hygiene needs to be implemented at once”.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that parents bring in their children for a dental checkup not later than their 1st birthday. Succeeding appointments will be recommended by your family dentist. This is to ensure that your child will encounter no problems with their oral care.
Dr Juliano added, “It is never too early to get your child on the path to good oral care. Your teeth and mouth both require healthy hygiene habits to ensure a perfect mouth for years to come”.

To get started on good oral hygiene, here are some tips from Dr. Juliano:
1.Make an appointment in the morning because this is when children are well rested and more cooperative.
2.Keep any anxieties or concerns to yourself. These might influence the child and give them negative vibes before they even visit the dentist.
3.Do not bribe your child into visiting the dentist.
4.Do not use a “visit to the dentist” as punishment or threats.
5.Talk to you child and let them know the good points of visiting a dentist.
6.Choose a family dentist who is well-versed with handling the little ones.

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